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Complete Database Item List

This is the list of all American-themed Marklin items that are in the database. Please note that the database is still under construction, which means that many items don't have a description yet. If you have catalog descriptions, please do share them!
21507Start Set "Big Boy" UP (X4011), 7 Freight Cars
22301ALCO PA-1 Union Pacific (602)
22311Class H6 "Mikado" NYCS (1890)
22598Class 4000 "Big Boy" Union Pacific (X4011)
22599Class 4000 "Big Boy" Union Pacific (X4015)
22801Class H6 "Mikado" NYCS (1890)
22802Class H6 "Mikado" NYCS (1883)
22803Class 2400 "Mikado" Union Pacific (2494)
22804Class L-2 "Mikado" Pennsylvania (9630)
22805ALCO PA-1 Union Pacific (600-601)
22810Class GG1 Pennsylvania Railroad 5 Stripes
22811Class GG1 Pennsylvania Railroad Brunswick Green
22812Class GG1 Pennsylvania Railroad Tuscan Red
24901Caboose Union Pacific (Brown)
2490220 Different Freight Cars
24904Caboose Union Pacific (Yellow)
249053 Cattle Cars Union Pacific
249063 Reefers Pacific Fruit Express
249073 Box Cars NYCS Pacemaker
249083 Chemical Tank Cars
24909Wooden Caboose NYC
24910Torpedo Ladle Car
249123 Box Cars Pennsylvania
249133 Box Cars Santa Fe
249163 Railroad Maintenance Cars
24917Caboose Pennsylvania
26600"California Zephyr" Express Passenger Train
28721"African Safari" Starter Set
2921"Wild West" Theme Starter Set
29490GG1 Digital Start Set (230 Volts)
29570American Digital Starter Set (230 Volts)
29571American Digital Starter Set (120 Volts)
29575American Digital Starter Set (230 Volts)
29576American Digital Starter Set (120 Volts)
29848230 Volt Premium-Start Digital USA
29849120 Volt Premium-Start Digital USA
3060EMD F7 Santa Fe
3061EMD F7 Union Pacific
3062.1EMD F7 New Haven
3062.2EMD F7 Rio Grande
3129EMD F7 Southern Pacific
3150Northlander 1 Diesel Railcar
3181EMD F7 Burlington Northern
3349EMD F7 Electro Motive
3362EMD F7 Santa Fe (Blue)
33621EMD F7 Amtrak (AA)
33622EMD F7 Santa Fe
3462EMD F7 Alaska Railroad
3481EMD F7 Texas & Pacific
34990Big Boy Union Pacific
3649EMD F7 Electro Motive
3662EMD F7 Santa Fe (Blue)
3663EMD F7 Alaska Railroad
3700ICE Express Train Amtrak
37490Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Locomotive
37491Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Locomotive Silver
37492Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Locomotive Red
37500Northlander 2 Diesel Railcar
37610ALCO PA-1 Union Pacific
37611ALCO PA-1 Santa Fe
37612ALCO PA-1 Rio Grande
37613ALCO PA-1 Southern Pacific
37621EMD F7 Amtrak (ABA)
37622EMD F7 Santa Fe (AB)
37623EMD F7 Milwaukee Road
37668TMY Great Northern Diesel
3781EMD F7 Texas & Pacific
37970NYC Class H6 2-8-2 "Mikado"
37973UP Class 2400 2-8-2 "Mikado"
37978Class H6 2-8-2 "Mikado" NYC Weathered
37990Big Boy Union Pacific 4013
37991Big Boy Union Pacific 4011
4060EMD F7 Santa Fe (A-)
4061EMD F7 Union Pacific (A-)
40611EMD F7 Union Pacific (B)
4062.1EMD F7 New Haven (A-)
4062.2EMD F7 Rio Grande (A-)
40622EMD F7 Santa Fe (A-)
4063.1EMD F7 Santa Fe (B)
4063.2EMD F7 New Haven (B)
4081EMD F7 Texas & Pacific (B)
4129EMD F7 Southern Pacific (A-)
4181EMD F7 Burlington Northern (A-)
43600Streamlined Coaches Amtrak
43601Streamlined Coach Santa Fe
43602Streamlined Sleeper Santa Fe
43603Streamlined Baggage Car Santa Fe
43604Streamlined Observation Car Santa Fe
43614Streamlined Vista Dome Car Rio Grande
455803 Chemical Tank Car Set
4563Caboose Southern Pacific
4564.1Box Car Chessie (Thin Tail)
4564.2Box Car Chessie (Thick Tail)
45641Box Car MAXI
4564610 Boxcar Set Union Pacific
456473 Automobile Boxcar Set Union Pacific
456483 Boxcars New York Central System
45650Set of 3 Pennsylvania Boxcars
456513 Box Cars Santa Fe "El Capitan"
456523 Maintenance Cars Union Pacific
456803 Reefers Pacific Fruit Express
45682Box Car "Info-Tage 2005"
45683Box Car "Info-Tage 2006"
456903 Cattle Cars Union Pacific
4570.1Caboose Santa Fe 1951 (brown)
4570.2Caboose Santa Fe 1951 (red)
45702Caboose Union Pacific (yellow)
45703Wooden Caboose NYCS
45704Caboose Milwaukee Road
45705Pennsylvania Streamlined Caboose
4571Box Car Western Pacific
45711Box Car Milwaukee Road
4572Box Car Santa Fe Texas Chief
4573Boxcar New Haven
4574Gondola Union Pacific
4575Gondola Dixie Line
4576Caboose Union Pacific
4577Caboose Penn Central
4578.1Caboose Red "395"
4578.2Caboose Red "546"
4579Box Car Set Texas
45799Complete Texas Series Set
4580Caboose / Flat Car Texas
458004 Hoppers Union Pacific
458014 Hoppers New York Central System
45812 Tank Cars Texas
45833 Gondolas Texas
4773Box Car Rail Box
4774Gondola Soo Line
477413 Gondolas (Coal)
4775Caboose Burlington Northern
4776Box Car Conrail
4777Caboose Santa Fe
47780Reefer Pacific Fruit Express
477852 Reefers NYCS / Southern
47897Tank Car / Flat Car SZD
47899Tank Car / Gondola SZD
4857Alaska Set D (Caboose / Flat Car)
4858Alaska Set A (2 Box Cars)
4859Alaska Set B (Box Car, Gondola)
4860Alaska Set C (Box Car, Gondola)
4861Alaska Set E (2 Tank Cars)
4862America 500 Years Set 1
4863America 500 Years Set 2
4864Tank Car Baker's Chocolate
4865.1Flat Car Seaboard / Truck Seaboard
4865.2Flat Car Seaboard / Truck "66"
49610ALCO PA-1 Union Pacific
49611ALCO PA-1 Santa Fe
82772"Wild West" Add-On Set (Horse Transport)
82773"Wild West" Add-On Set (Ore Transport)
83341Amtrak "X995" Electric Locomotive
845643 Boxcar Set "America 500 Years"
84773"African Safari" Add-On Set

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