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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this web site a store?
A: No, you can't buy anything here. You may, however, buy, sell or trade items in the appropriate section of the discussion forum.

Q: What scales are covered on this web site?
A: Marklin has released American-themed items in the scales H0, Z and 1, as well as N (under the Trix brand). Currently, this web site focuses on H0 scale, but other scales will be included in the future.

Q: Doesn't Marklin make European-themed models too?
A: Yes, they do, and it is their main area. This community, however, is devoted to the small segment of US and Canadian Marklin models.

Q: What does the blue and yellow icon mean?
A: Honestly, I don't know! When I started to develop this site I discovered how to add an icon (it's called a "favicon") and I quickly made a placeholder of random colors and shapes to be replaced later, but for some reason I never replaced it and now it's a classic part of the web site's design... unless you can come up with a better icon, I'll gladly consider replacing it!

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