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Site Development Status

This page gives you an overview of new features and improvements on as well as a to-do-list of issues I'll address in the near future. If you have any suggestions or requests for improvements, please post them in Site Related in the forum!

Recent Improvements
Dec 31, 2007:
After half a year of college related neglect, I've started a massive overhaul of the web site. You'll see various changes in the next weeks.
Aug 05, 2007:
Forum overview page now has an overview of the 10 most recent topics in each forum
Aug 05, 2007:
Added two missing items to the Catalog: 37621 Amtrak, 37492 Pennsylvania
To Do List
Better forum functionality: Ability to edit own posts
Better forum functionality: Ability to include images, smilies and clickable URLs
Ability to post comments on photos in the photo database
Fix bug in photo upload
In Development Right Now
Ability to delete own posts in forum

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